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CASE STUDY: Aster Group

Type of security: Mobile patrols, locks and unlocks 
Locations: 12 locations across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, and Devon & Cornwall
Number of employees: 1300



A Venture customer since 2012, Aster Group is an ethical housing developer and social landlord operating within Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, and Devon & Cornwall. The company conducts its operations from 12 regional locations, which cumulatively employ 1,300 members of staff and provide storage for company-owned vehicles and machinery, integral to The Group’s commercial endeavours.



With business-critical assets and 1000+ employees to protect, Aster needed support to safeguard its premises and its people. Having outsourced its security previously (with unsatisfactory results) the company was keen to bring in a trusted contractor with a credible performance history.

Key requirements of Aster’s security contract included:

  • Daily out-of-hours security patrols, 365 days a year
  • Unlocking premises every morning (and securing every evening)
  • 24/7 emergency incident response, including alarm callouts
  • Preventing and actively discouraging break-ins
  • Protecting Aster staff and assuming all security-related responsibilities


After impressing Facilities Manager, Rhiannah Townley, with its resource and capabilities, Venture was subsequently appointed Aster’s Group-wide security partner across its five regional locations. Providing on site support to Aster employees in their day-to-day working environment and assuming full responsibility for security processes.

Services Venture currently supply to Aster includes

  • On site security patrols at Aster’s 12 site compounds and corporate offices
  • A visible security presence to deter theft and diffuse anti-social behaviour
  • Securing Aster’s premises each evening and unlocking in the morning


  • A dedicated patrol team that not only provides round-the-clock security protection but also monitors for hazards, proactively reporting any findings to Aster Facilities Management
  • Fast and effective response in emergency situations that threaten employee wellbeing
  • A team that responds to high-stress situations with calm and professionalism
  • An experienced, reliable and trustworthy security provider, that goes the extra mile to deliver on its promises
  • A visible security presence that provides reassurance to Aster employees working on site
  • An invaluable support partner who are pragmatic, accommodating, and transparent - inspiring complete confidence in their abilities

  “Venture is genuinely the first security company that has always delivered on its promises. I have never once had to ask why something hasn’t happened – as it always does!”

Rhiannah Townley, Senior Facilities Manager, Aster Group

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