A tried-and-tested solution to tackling antisocial behaviour that supports local partnership working.

Antisocial behaviour is a common problem within town and city centre locations. As well as being unpleasant for visitors and residents, it has the potential to adversely impact on footfall, the revenue of local retailers and more broadly, on the reputation of the area.

City Centre Security Patrols 1

Having foot patrols carried out by Venture’s fully trained and SIA licensed City Centre Security Officers (CCSOs), provides a tried-and-tested solution. In all of the areas where our officers currently conduct patrols, a positive impact was seen within just days.

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Supporting councils and Business Improvement Districts

Our award-winning City Centre Security Officers – also known as Town or City Centre Rangers – have been active in several locations, including Andover, Winchester, Salisbury, Basingstoke and Fareham since 2017.

Working closely with both councils and Business Improvement Districts, one of the most important roles our officers play is to sit at the heart of local partnership initiatives, liaising between and reporting back to stakeholders, such as the council, police and local business community. Increasingly, our officers are being tasked to deal with Covid-19 related issues, acting as Covid Marshalls to ensure the governments requirements are upheld.

Fully trained and SIA licensed officers

All our officers are provided with a uniform and smartly dressed. They do not look like police officers but are clearly identifiable as fulfilling an enforcement role. They can deal directly with a defined range of antisocial issues, managing them professionally and effectively – and as required, escalating and reporting anything relevant to the appropriate authorities.

Officers will usually conduct their patrols in pairs and be trained in areas including conflict management, first aid and mental health first aid and crime scene management. They are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and at any time of the day.

All customers are provided with daily electronic reports and have regular meetings with our team, to review and update on our officer’s progress.


CSAS accreditation

Venture Security was one of the first security providers to be granted powers under the Home Office Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) - something we’ve now achieved in both Hampshire and Wiltshire.

This means our accredited officers have additional, low-level police powers, including:

  • Power to require giving of name and address
  • Power to require name and address for antisocial behaviour
  • Power to require persons aged under 18 to surrender alcohol
  • Power to seize tobacco from a person aged under 16
  • Power to deal with begging