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The Venture Security Charter

The Venture Security Charter includes Venture Security’s Mission Statement, our Values and our promises; all of which define our company culture and how we operate.

These statements have been created to explain how each member of the Venture Security team can embody our brand in their daily working lives.

Along with the following and our company processes and procedures, it is our shared responsibility to make sure that the Venture Security’s spirit is demonstrated in all that we do.

Therefore, every team member is asked to sign a copy of this Charter before they begin working with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact the communities in which we operate by providing exceptional security services keeping people, premises and assets safe.


Our Values


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Our Promise

  • We protect people, organisations and communities with the highest standard of security service possible.
  • We deliver our services with the upmost attention, care and respect.
  • We gain and maintain the trust of our customers, the community and peers by always showing integrity and strength of character.
  • We handle all challenges with courage, insight and diplomacy.
  • We use our initiative to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of what we do in ways that will benefit our customers.
  • We reflect and uphold Venture Security’s reputation as an award-winning, exceptional security provider.
  • We start every task with a sense of duty, achieve it with hard work, and finish it with a sense of pride.