Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols offer a highly cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, especially compared to the cost of employing a security team day and night.

The presence of uniformed officers on security patrol at your business premises is an incredibly effective crime deterrent, closing any window of opportunity for a break-in or burglary to take place. Not only can they act as a visual deterrent, they can be useful for checking buildings are fully secure and making sure there are no security breaches.

By having security patrols carried out at random times, there is no fixed routine, which makes it very difficult for any would-be criminals. For larger sites, they can also cover a greater area than a stationed guard.

At Venture Security, our local operatives are highly trained and supported by an experienced central management team. They will visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies, carrying out a physical security patrol and checking for any damage or intrusion. If any issues are detected, they can quickly address the situation and communicate back to you, as well as to the emergency services as necessary.

Our innovative use of technology enables the production of auditable reports on the activity of our operatives whilst on site. These reports are systematically sent to clients, providing them with the information they need and complete peace of mind that their facility is being well looked after when they cannot be there.