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Employee benefits scheme

A rewarding career at Venture just got even better!

When you join the team here at Venture you will automatically be enrolled into our employee benefits package from your first payslip, until you are issued your P45.

Full details will be sent to you by email, along with your unique login, giving you access to all the perks mentioned here, along with your payslips and pension information.

Here's what you can expect...


The VIP (Very Important Perks) scheme delivers benefits ranging from local offers and discounts, to medical care and support, and access to expert advice services.

It is backed by employee engagement specialist Centralus and has the potential to help employees achieve average annual savings of £1,200, in areas such as shopping, travelling and dining out.


Accessible anytime via a smart phone, the VIP platform increases the savings every time it is used. Vouchers provide discounts for a wide range of high street and online brands, from iTunes to Asda, and Vision Express to Waitrose.

Local offers can be located using GPS, making it easy to find outlets nearby that are part of the scheme, including restaurants and shops.



Consult with a qualified GP 24/7. The VIP platform offers a function whereby you can request a webcam consultation, to interact with a doctor online. They can then prescribe necessary medication by email following the consultation.


Access lots of expert advice on healthy lifestyles, mental health and more. The VIP platform also offers special rates for accessing gyms and leisure centres and many other sporting facilities too, helping promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Plus, there is support available for key health issues, such as giving up smoking, checking blood pressure and advice on healthy eating.

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The VIP package includes a helpline and support services for staff wellbeing and mental health too. For example, there is access to expert counsellors, who are ready to listen no matter what the issue may be. The helpline is available 24/7 and completely private and confidential.


For those supporting children, elderly or infirm relatives, the pressures and challenges can be many and varied. Thanks to the VIP package, care support is available via a mobile and can help restore work-life balance. These services are designed to save time and help individuals chart a way through all their options, from finding practical, financial and legal support to emergency care services, preparing for a relative’s hospital visit and more. There are also experts available by phone, who can help uncover the best solutions for families and their loved ones, when faced with challenging circumstances.