…they put dynamite next to Jeremy Kyle…deal with it man!

We are very lucky here at Venture as we get involved in some really interesting security assignments. Possibly our most humorous and bizarre to date, was being contacted by the producers of ITV’s Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway to supply a bodyguard as part of a celebrity prank.

The plan was to set-up one of our close protection officers to meet with a celebrity to discuss personal security. What the security officer didn’t know was that the celebrity, TV host Jeremey Kyle, was wearing a covert ear piece with Ant and Dec on the other end controlling his every move; a sketch better known as I’m A Celebrity…Get Out Of Me Ear!

Jeremy, completely at the mercy of Ant and Dec, had to play along as they gave him outlandish and outrageous instructions via an earpiece, as he had to repeat exactly what they said. Filmed on location in London with several hidden cameras in place, Jeremy interviewed 3 security operatives, including our very own Kean Van Greunen, to discuss the role of being his new personal bodyguard – but, unbeknown to the would-be bodyguards, Ant and Dec were calling the shots.

Having to endure Jeremy’s humorous attempt at different accents, Kean was really put to the test when Ant and Dec instructed Jeremy to pull out a stick of dynamite from his briefcase, asking Kean to ‘deal with it!’ Kean did exact that, and rather instinctively (?) threw it over the fence!

Other scenarios that were not featured on the show included Kean being asked by Jeremy to give a DNA swab and Jeremey offering Kean the loan of a lie detector test, in homage to his TV show. To end the prank, Kean had to then deal with the paparazzi - played by Ant and Dec to which he did a little too well. To quote Ant, “You’re too good!” Watch Kean’s explosive performance here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Whilst we do have a good sense of humour, we are also very proud of the professional security service we provide. Our team of professional and discreet Close Protection officers are trained to care and deliver hospitality to VIPs, business executives and other high-profile guests, so you can be sure your guests will be well looked after. And, if you needed further reassurance, as one of only forty SIA Approved Close Protection (CP) suppliers in the UK, Venture Security is classed among the top 5% of all SIA Approved Contractors. So we’ve got the letters after our name to leave you in no doubt about the quality of the service we provide.

For more information or to discuss your security needs, call our team on 0800 021 3949.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (2015). Episode 3, ITV, 7 Feb.