Construction site security

You may have seen our recent blog alerting business owners to the theft of metal in and around Hampshire - but that’s not all those in the industry are likely to be targeted for, with building materials and expensive equipment also being an attractive prospect for criminals.

The good news is that keeping your site and your property safe is much easier and more affordable than you might think. You don’t need to go through lengthy processes of recruiting security guards and checking they have all the right licences and qualifications, nor do you need to make sure one of your existing members of staff is present through the night, every night. At Venture Security, we offer a number of options to secure your site – from randomly-timed patrols starting at just £4 a night to our own static security provided by professional, experienced and fully licenced officers employed directly through Venture. In addition, we can also provide mobile response officers who will react in record timing to any alarm activations – so whatever service you need, we can help.

But, if you’re reading this and thinking you could save a few quid by going without… well, you might want to think again! The importance of having static security on site during expensive building projects was highlighted recently by our team providing overnight security on a prestigious building project in Southampton. There wasn’t a break-in on this occasion, but a major flood was noticed during a patrol of the site. A huge catastrophe was prevented due to our staff being on site to deal with the issue. This saved several thousands of pounds worth of damage and serious delays for our client.

Not only do regular patrolling officers spot anything amiss and raise the alarm should there be any criminal activity, having static security on your building site means there is always a presence acting as a deterrent to anyone watching your site. It also provides you with complete peace of mind – whether you’re at home catching forty winks, or abroad on holiday or with work. You know you have a professional, competent body to staff to handle any situation which may arise, but without increasing your workforce or overheads.

As well as manned guarding, our remit covers remote monitoring and temporary monitored alarm services, to which our mobile response officers will react in the event of a security breach.

For more information on how we can help secure your construction site, call Venture Security on 0800 021 3949.