FAQS - What can you expect if you work with Venture Security?

For over a decade, the team at Venture Security has been providing professional security services to private and commercial clients across the south of England.

That’s what we do – but how do we do it? And what can you expect if you work with us?

Understanding a client’s needs and ensuring they are met, while delivering an affordable service that doesn’t compromise on quality, is our top priority.

We’re proud to act as a trusted partner for our customers, exceeding their expectations and offering peace of mind. But don’t just take our word for it – see what some of our customers had to say.

 Whether it’s protection for property, equipment, premises, or personal safety, here is everything you need to know about the services we provide.

Q. How does Venture vet its employees?

A. All our security personnel are fully vetted, trained and licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Association). Employees are carefully handpicked and screened in line with British quality standard BS7858:2012. Those who work with vulnerable or young people undergo enhanced DBS checks and mobile officers are also screened to ten years.

Q. Are all Venture’s staff correctly licensed?

A. Yes. All our staff are appropriately SIA licensed for the roles they undertake and you can confirm this using the SIA Licence Checker. Visit the SIA website and enter any 16 digit licence number you want to check into the box.

Q. What training do Venture employees receive?

A. All our employees receive a thorough induction and assignment-specific training for each contract, and always have the support of our experienced management team behind them.

In addition to regulatory training requirements, we provide them with a personal development plan, which forms part of their career progression within the company.

Employees are given training in customer service and conflict management on a regular basis. They are fully trained in handling potentially dangerous situations and equipped to deal with conflict, prioritising your safety and that of your team members. Our mobile officers are also trained in crime-scene management, offering you comprehensive support, 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. What insurance do you hold?

A. Venture has both public and employer’s liability cover for £10 million each. This is well above the industry standard and ensures we are adequately covered for even the largest of contracts. We will happily provide customers with the full details on request.

We would recommend that you always ask any provider you are considering using if you can see evidence of their insurance. Look at the level of cover and check the policy numbers with their insurance supplier or underwriter. If they do not have adequate cover, you could be putting your business at risk.

Q. What accreditations and certifications does Venture hold?

A. Venture’s policies and procedures have been designed and implemented in line with British Standard Codes of Practice. We’re proud to be accredited under both the Security Industry Association’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) and ISO9001:2008, which looks at quality management. We have been recognised as one of the very top performing security companies in the UK byt the ACS Pacesetters Scheme.

We are also certified under SafeContractor and the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), for our excellent health and safety record. We are also approved by Hampshire Trading Standards’ Buy with Confidence scheme.

Q. What uniform do Venture employees wear?

A. All our employees are dressed smartly and well prepared for the task at hand. The standard uniform our employees wear is black trousers and shoes, white shirt and a maroon tie. In addition, all employees are issued with a high visibility jacket for colder/ hazardous environments. In certain circumstances our officers wear branded polo shirts instead of shirts and ties.

It is also essential that our employees are able to identify themselves clearly to others. All Venture Security employees must display their relevant SIA licence while on duty in accordance with government legislation. Our employees also carry an employee ID card, in order to be easily identified whilst on duty at your site.

Q. Will Venture provide all necessary safety equipment?

A. Prior to the commencement of any contract, Venture will conduct a full risk assessment to determine the level of risk and therefore if any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required.

Q. How do Venture employees record and report back on any issues that may arise?

A. Using the latest innovative technology we can produce auditable reports on the activity of our operatives while they are on your premises. All incident reports are handwritten and also recorded electronically. Company report forms are located on site and will be scanned and securely held on our system, should they be required in the future.

Q. Does Venture have robust health and safety procedures?

A. We’re committed to health and safety and are proud of our exceptional safety record. We have achieved this thanks to comprehensive risk assessments, training and the active engagement of all our employees. Regular support and feedback is sought from clients and any other persons who can reasonably expect to be included in such discussions. Our policy is reviewed annually and kept up to date, concerning any changes in activity or the size and nature of a client’s business.

We take lone worker safety very seriously, which is why all our out-of-hours and lone worker staff are supported by a personalised check call system. Our staff are required to call into the system on an hourly basis. Should a call be missed or not logged within the defined call parameters, an automatic escalation process is implemented. Further to this, mobile officers are issued with GPS-tracked panic buttons, which enable them to raise the alarm if they are threatened or attacked. These devices will also recognise a fall and enable support to be raised immediately.

Q. Does Venture charge extra for statutory holidays?

A. You can be assured there are no hidden charges with Venture. Any extra charges that are incurred will have been agreed from the very beginning. Several of our services, such as patrols, locks and key holding and alarm response do not incur an extra charge on bank holidays and the rate remain the same throughout the year, helping you budget and control your costs.

Q. Does Venture listen to its customers?

A. It is very important to us that our clients are satisfied with the services we provide and we welcome feedback at any time. Client feedback forms are distributed annually, when reviews are also held looking at our service provision and existing assignment instructions. By actively seeking client feedback and regularly reviewing our performance, we aim to ensure that quality standards are upheld and to continually seek new ways to improve and enhance our services.

Q. What makes Venture so different?

A. Many security companies nowadays make promises they just cannot keep. We’re proud to be different. What we offer are robust systems and processes that have been designed to ensure customers receive the best possible service. Thorough contingency planning is a key part of this process. That way you can have complete peace of mind that no matter what happens, we will be there when you need us.

For all your security needs, our goal is to exceed your expectations with tried and tested solutions. Our highly skilled security staff, with the backing of an experienced and proficient head office team, will help you achieve your objectives. Becoming your trusted partner is our aim, as the quality of your experience as a customer is as important to us as the security services we deliver.

For a no obligation chat about your security needs, or for any other information, please call our friendly team on 0800 021 3949 and they’d be happy to help you.