Working around the clock to ensure your Christmas is a happy one

Everyone sympathises with old Father Christmas, clocking up all those miles, speeding around the place to ensure that all good little boys and girls aren’t disappointed come Christmas morning.

In a way, we like to think of Venture in similar terms to Father Christmas: we’re working just as hard as ever over the Christmas period to make sure our client’s properties and premises’ are kept safe, and responding to any alarm calls which are activated over the Christmas period. We might not keep any reindeer on-site, but we do have a number of vehicles which enable us to get to wherever we need to be, fast.

Christmas is that one time of year where nearly everyone is in holiday mode, relaxed and spending time as a family. This might mean your property or company premise is empty during the festive period; or that once the unwrapping is done, you’re off to stay with Aunt Mo and Uncle Bob until New Year. But it’s comforting to know that someone will be watching your property when you can’t be there. Not only are Venture’s rapid response teams on call 24/7, routine patrols are also available throughout the Christmas period.

So don’t let your Christmas be ruined by alarm activations or intruders – give us a call on 0800 021 3949 to hear more about the services which all provide peace of mind.

With Venture on board, we’ll make sure the only intruders are ones in red suits that bring in the Playstations and not the kind that leave with them in the back of a van.