Residential Services

For most there are many reasons why you might not be at home when a security presence is required. Whether it is an unoccupied second property, you are away on business or holiday, or simply undertaking everyday activities such as shopping or going out to dinner.

Residential Key Holding and Response

Venture Security provides a local security service to homeowners, which enables the fastest response times available. We deliver complete peace of mind, so you know that there are highly trained...

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Residential Mobile Security Patrols

The presence of uniformed officers on patrol at your home is an incredibly effective crime deterrent, closing the window of opportunity for a break-in to take place.

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Residential House Security Checks

If you leave your property vacant for any period of time, such as to go on holiday, Venture Security can undertake periodic checks.

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Miscellaneous Access For Residential Property

Venture Security is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide access for whatever reason. Whether you wish to allow access to friends or family, or for contractors to enter your property...

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Residential Security Teams

Venture Security provides secure, reliable and professional Residential Security Teams (RST) for the protection of the homes of high wealth indiv. Residential Security forms an integral part of our...

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Event security teams

The success of any event comes down to the experience it provides for visitors. Having the support of first-class and highly experienced door supervisors and event security personnel can help ensure a smooth delivery, while safeguarding the wellbeing of both team members and attendees...

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