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We try and keep you up to date with the latest news, tips and advice from in and around the security industry. This section is also used to keep you informed on the latest developments within our company. Please check back regularly, follow us on social media and please let us know if you have any stories that you feel might be relevant.

New addition to Team Venture

9th February 2016

We’re very pleased to welcome Jenny Pidgen to the team as our new Office Manager...

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Security team praised for fast response following accident

16th July 2015

A local security team were praised last weekend following their quick thinking after a man was hit by a car in Weyhill. The team, who are employed by Venture Security were working at the Weyhill...

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IN THE PRESS: Salisbury hoping to repeat successful drugs operation

15th July 2015

A DRUGS dog called Patch was employed to sniff out racegoers carrying illegal substances at Salisbury’s popular ladies night in a joint operation with Wiltshire Police likely to be repeated at the...

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Salisbury Racecourse has joined the local Pubwatch scheme ahead of the new racing season

28th May 2015

Salisbury Racecourse has this year contracted a new company, Venture Security, which is a local security firm who already have a number of contracts in the Salisbury area.

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…they put dynamite next to Jeremy Kyle…deal with it man!

9th March 2015

We are very lucky here at Venture as we get involved in some really interesting security assignments. Possibly our most humorous and bizarre to date, was being contacted by the producers of ITV’s...

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Corporate hospitality with an added edge…

23rd January 2015

It's a new year which also means a new event season. When you think of Venture Security, corporate hospitality probably won’t be the first service we offer which comes to mind. But having a trained...

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Working around the clock to ensure your Christmas is a happy one

12th December 2014

Everyone sympathises with old Father Christmas, clocking up all those miles, speeding around the place to ensure that all good little boys and girls aren’t disappointed come Christmas morning.

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Security stepped up after £35k burglary

24th October 2014

Andover businesses have ramped up their security after thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment were stolen in a night-time raid.

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Construction site security

15th September 2014

You may have seen our recent blog alerting business owners to the theft of metal in and around Hampshire - but that’s not all those in the industry are likely to be targeted for, with building...

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Metal thefts increase security risk for Hampshire businesses

6th August 2014

The price of scrap metal has done some interesting things over recent years, and rising figures have sent the rate of metal theft soaring. The amount of disruption and damage to the economy caused...

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Going away this summer?

10th July 2014

It’s almost time for another summer holiday and a window of opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break away with your family. Well, once the tickets are booked, accommodation paid for, passports sorted...

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Lone worker safety

20th May 2014

Do you employ people who work alone at your premises? If so, have you considered the potential risks posed to both their safety and your business?

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The cost effectiveness of our keyholding services

8th May 2014

Ever considered how much it would ease your mind to know that a team of professional security officers were looking out for your property or business premises?

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Ten tips to reduce the risk of rural crime

18th March 2014

Rural crime is a big issue for those working in agriculture or other land-based sectors. Crime costs these industries millions of pounds each year in the theft of high-value equipment, as well as...

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Who is protecting you really?

24th February 2014

If you’re reading this, chances are that you know how important it is to have security provisions in place for your business, and also your home. Whether you run a warehouse, an office or employ the..

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What can we learn from the Winter Olympics?

18th February 2014

With all eyes on the Sochi Olympics, what lessons can be learned from Russian security? We’re now mid-way through the Winter Olympics, this year held in Sochi, Russia. And if anyone observed our...

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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

9th January 2014

It’s January: the time for turning over a new leaf, reorganising your business and assessing your priorities for the year ahead. Try as we might, New Year’s resolutions don’t tend to see the light...

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Christmas planning: Don’t scrimp on security

7th December 2013

It’s December and the event preparation leading up to the Christmas period and New Year has begun. But while you’re busy trying to arrange the succession of functions, don’t get complacent about...

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Take extra care this winter…

22nd November 2013

We’re often led to believe that summer is the season where extra precautions need to be taken when it comes to keeping your home safe from break-ins. But winter offers its own window of opportunity...

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How can I prevent my home being burgled?

5th November 2013

With frightening stats coming to light which show that an attempted burglary takes place at over 700,000 homes each year – that’s one roughly every 45 seconds – it’s a good idea to try and reduce...

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