The Venture Security team picks up three industry awards

Two city centre security officers who disarmed and detained a man who was a threat to himself and others, have been honoured with a top industry award.

Darren Winter and Ryan Tench from Hampshire-based Venture Security have each picked up an ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction award, with Venture also winning an award highlighting it as one of the top performing ACS companies in the country.

The annual ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction awards recognise security officers who have excelled in their duties and gone above and beyond, even risking their own safety, for the protection of others.

The incident in question happened when Ryan, who has since left Venture to join the police force, and Darren were conducting a daily foot patrol of Salisbury City Centre.

They came across a man with known mental health and aggression issues, who was exposing himself and self-harming with a scalpel. Despite suffering physical and verbal abuse, the pair administered immediate aid and gently disarmed and restrained the man, for his own safety and the safety of others. They assisted them until the arrival of the ambulance, with the whole episode lasting more than an hour.

Paul Howe, Venture Security’s Managing Director, commented: “We’re so pleased to see the brave actions of Darren and Ryan recognised in this way. It was a difficult situation and they dealt with it in a calm and professional manner. We were so impressed, not only with how they handled the man, who is known to be violent and was armed with a knife, but by the way they cared for him and considered his dignity throughout. The awards are well deserved.”

David Bradley from Salisbury City Council, commented: “Our congratulations and thanks go to Ryan and Darren, whose actions helped prevent a potentially harmful situation from escalating. We’re really pleased with the impact the city centre patrols are having, for residents, retailers and visitors alike. This incident is just one example of the great work the team is doing.”

Around 60 nominations were submitted to this year’s awards, covering exceptional work and individual acts of bravery. Due to a tie in the number of votes, the number of awards issued this year was increased from 12 to 13.

The security officers were honoured at the ACS Pacesetters Achievement Awards luncheon, which took place on Wednesday 22 May at the Royal Windsor Racecourse, with almost 200 members, their staff and guests in attendance.

Venture Security, based in Andover, provides specialist security services to corporate and residential customers based across Hampshire and central, southern England. The company is ranked within the top 1% of UK security providers.

Venture Security’s team have been conducting patrols of Salisbury City Centre, on behalf of Salisbury City Council for more than two years. The presence of Venture’s city centre security officers helps to tackle antisocial behaviour and has been praised by local businesses and residents alike.