Key Holding and Alarm Response

There are many risks and challenges associated with having a member of staff act as a key holder. By using our key holding and alarm response service, you can eliminate these risks, while taking the pressure and added responsibility off your employees.

By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, our trained and accredited security personnel can be on call for you 24 hours a day. This includes supporting you in emergency situations, such as by responding to an alarm or patrolling your premises.

Our innovative use of technology enables us to act in the fastest possible time, for the protection of your property and assets and we’re proud to say we have a company-wide average alarm response time of just 23 minutes.

The technology we use provides a secure auditable record of our activity, so you can see the exact time we arrived at your premises. The system also records the identity of the attending key holder.

Employee key holders

Employers should be very cautious about requesting their own employees to respond to out-of-hours alarm activations. There are several potentially serious questions you need to address, when it comes to using an employee as a key holder:

  • Do you have an effective health and safety lone worker system in use?
  • Who will support them if they are confronted or even attacked by an offender?
  • Does your employee have the confidence to go into a situation where they may have to deal with an offender and have they received satisfactory conflict management training?
  • How will you provide adequate response cover when your key holder is away, sick or has been drinking alcohol?
  • Can your key holder be on site and have addressed the alarm within 20 minutes of the call?
  • Are your key holders trained in crime scene management, including the preservation of evidence?

Venture Security can take care of your key holding responsibilities and be ready to respond in the fastest possible time, from as little as 75p a day.

As an alternative, we can provide a security officer as an escort to meet your key holder and accompany them whilst they investigate alarm activations.