Security officers commended for going above and beyond

In the spirit of Venture’ is a special initiative we introduced to recognise and reward our officers who go above and beyond in their duties.

From dealing with particularly challenging individuals and situations, to having their actions consistently praised by our customers, there are many reasons why an officer may receive a commendation.

Paul Howe, MD at Venture, explains: “Now, more than ever, and with the added pressures of Covid-19, it’s tough working as a security officer and can feel like a thankless task at times.

“We want our officers to know we appreciate just how challenging their role can be and truly value their ongoing efforts. While we expect high standards from every one of our officers at all times, these commendations are for those individuals who have gone the extra mile and are deserving of a special mention.”

The last two months have seen a record number of officers receiving a commendation, including:



Josh, Winchester BID Ranger

Josh is a Winchester BID Ranger, who carries out daily patrols of key areas of the city centre, helping to deal with antisocial behaviour and offering support to local retailers, residents and visitors.

While on patrol, Josh came across a very aggressive and agitated male, who was trying to take alcohol from a retailer without paying. Remaining calm throughout, Josh was able to recover the bottles, before noticing the man was also carrying a knife.

Josh managed to recover the blade and then liaised with key stakeholders to raise his concerns for the male’s mental health, substance misuse, and potential vulnerability.

We strongly believe Josh’s actions significantly reduced the potential risk to the public and without his quick thinking, the outcome could have been very different.


Tani, Security Guard, Winchester City Council

Tani works as a static security guard for a hostel run by Winchester City Council, which offers temporary accommodation for vulnerable homeless people.

During his shift, Tani spotted a service user’s door was open, which seemed out of place. When he received no answer from within, he inspected the room and discovered an unresponsive male who wasn’t breathing. Tani called the emergency services and carried out CPR until the ambulance service arrived and took over. Sadly, the male was declared dead at the scene from a fatal overdose. 

Tani handled this extremely distressing incident very calmly and professionally, ensuring all relevant services were informed and making every effort to try and save the male’s life.


Liz, Mobile Patrol Officer, Fareham

Liz is one of our mobile patrol officers and works throughout the night visiting customer premises and carrying out a range of checks and other duties. 

One evening, she spotted an elderly male walking through the streets very late at night. Feeling that something wasn’t quite right, she approached him and discover he was lost and very confused.

She took the male to the safety of her patrol vehicle and ascertained where he lived, before driving him home and getting him settled with a drink and sandwich. During this time, she also contacted the relevant authorities to ensure that he was suitably supported. It later transpired that the male has dementia and Liz’s actions that night helped ensure his safety and wellbeing.


Andrew, CCSO, Salisbury City Council

Andrew is one of our city centre security officers (CCSOs) and conducts daily patrols in Salisbury. With similar responsibilities to our BID Rangers, Andrew’s main duties are to look out for antisocial behaviour and help make the area a safer, more inviting place. He also acts as a central point of contact, liaising between key stakeholders, including the local council and police.

Andrew was given a commendation after receiving several pieces of positive feedback from the council and also the Salisbury City Centre Policing team, who wrote to us to praise his general conduct and dedication and the impact he continues to have.


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