Managing TUPE and staff transfer when outsourcing security

For more than a decade, Venture has been providing professional security services for organisations based across the south of England. During that time, we have successfully undertaken the transfer of staff from numerous customer sites, in line with all employment rules and regulations.

What we often hear from organisations who are keen to make the switch to an external security provider is that they are concerned about the potential impact it may have on their security team and also about changing long established systems, as ‘..we’ve always done things this way’.

While most believe outsourcing their security will help raise standards and boost cost-efficiency, they are worried their existing officers simply won’t like it.

The good news is, in our experience the feedback received from officers going through the process has been overwhelmingly positive. This is something we believe comes down to our comprehensive TUPE and induction procedures and the positive culture we have worked hard to create.

Here is an insight into the TUPE process we follow at Venture and some of the feedback we have received from our customers.


What is TUPE?

TUPE stands for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, which are rules that were introduced to protect employees when the business they are employed by changes hands. This includes when a company chooses to outsource or make a "service provision change", such as moving to use an external security provider.

The regulations ensure that any liabilities employees have with their original employer are transferred to the new employer. For example, employment rights and benefits such as bonuses and annual leave allowance.

In simple terms, this means that when we take on existing staff, we work in line with the regulations to honour their current employment package.


Venture’s TUPE process

The process begins with the customer organisation supplying a list of existing staff and the employment package they receive, including hours worked. We will then work directly with the officers in the following ways:

  • Hold a meeting with each officer individually to talk them through the process, learn more about them and to discuss any issues or concerns they may have.
  • Confirm their experience and the training they have received to date.
  • Assess their ability to undertake the work to both our standards and those of the customer. This will include an assessment of their physical fitness.
  • Complete a comprehensive onboarding process, including introducing them to our company, our culture and business goals, as well as our code of conduct
  • Discuss other opportunities that may exist within our business and to hear what their individual development goals and ambitions may be
  • Undertake regular managerial and supervisory visits to ensure all staff feel part of the Venture family.


Careers at Venture

When it comes to TUPE, our priority is to manage the process from a cultural, as well as a legislative, point of view. Far from simply ticking all the boxes and ‘going through the motions’, we view it as the start of a new career with us.

We talk about careers, not jobs, as that is what we aim to provide for every one of our employees. It is the reason we invest so heavily in training and development, as well as listening to our employees to see how we might best support them to achieve their career aspirations.

We’re proud to be a living wage employer and also to offer an employee benefit scheme, which is free to access from the moment officers join us.


“In the past, all our third-party contracts had been managed by a facilities management company and we have had the security team TUPE’d over to other providers four times before moving over to Venture Security. We were pleasantly surprised with just how efficient the whole process was with Venture.” Shaun Evans, Facilities Manager, James Hay Partnership


“I rate Venture very highly as an employer. They’re a good company to work for. The key thing is to give your full commitment. If you are reliable and show ambition and willingness to learn, then the opportunities are there, and Venture believes in helping you to develop professionally.” Darren Winter, Venture Account Supervisor, who joined as a security officer and was recognised as having leadership potential.


In need of professional security?

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